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Equine Color Breeders, LLC
We have been in the horse breeding business for the past 20 years, mostly producing for our own needs. During the last 10 years we have also been standing Homozygous Paint Stallions for the Paint Breeding Industry. We do all our breeding by Artificial Insemination in our breeding facility located in Levan, Utah, situated 80 miles south of Salt Lake City.

Two years ago we purchased two Gaited Mammoth Jacks which we stand at Levan. We are currently breeding these two superior jacks to our own mares, some of which are Gaited Tennessee Walkers, Missouri Foxtrotters, Missouri Spotted Saddle Horses and Pasofinos.

We are also breeding the jacks to our Homozygous Paint Mares and producing some nice Spotted and Gaited Mules.

All of our Stallions and Jacks are available to ship Cooled Semen anywhere in the mainland USA.

We have included here on our site the photos and pedigrees of our Stallions and Jacks. Should you have any interest in breeding to any of them, I invite you to call me .. Jeremy at .. 801 836 5938 .. at your convenience to further discuss your needs.

We have a number of older Geldings, Mares, 2 Yr Old Geldings, Fillies, and Weanling Paint Horses and also Mules for Sale. Click on the links in the left column to view the animals for sale.

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